The NSW Telco Authority has released its first Corporate Plan, which will guide the Authority's work program for the next one to three years.
The NSW Telco Authority has released its first Corporate Plan

The NSW Government has announced the selection of a new provider to manage the operations of the NSW Government Radio Network.

The Network Manager will provide day-to-day management, monitoring, maintenance and service restoration for the network, which is used by public safety and other government agencies for essential communications.

The ITS 2573 Prequalification Scheme is part of the wider reform of operational telecommunications that is being undertaken by the Telco Authority. The Authority has been working closely with emergency service org

The ITS2573 Prequalification Scheme has been optimised to improve the ability of NSW government agencies to purchase operational telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and services. Photo courtesy NSW Police Force.

In late 2012, the ACMA released a discussion paper on a re-stack of the 803 - 960 MHz band.

The 800 MHz band is  destined to be the location of spectrum for public safety mobile broadband purposes.

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